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    Tel:0510-85343091 85343092
    Wuxi Anklam Electric Co ., Ltd. is under the Sino German joint enterprise of D&D Group Company. Our company introduce European first-rate products and technology to dedicated provide low voltage power quality test analysis for users,and professional services such as design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.
    The main products of our company are Cylindrical self-healing low voltage parallel capacitor, low voltage series reactor, power factor controller, dynamic cast switch, combination switch, high-voltage capacitor,
    Self-healing low voltage parallel capacitor of AN-CA type
    AN-CA series self- Healing low voltage parallel capacitor is upgrade renew pro…
    N-RE series filter reactor
    When there are a large number of harmonic source of rectifier and converter in…
    AN-TSC dynamic hurl-slices switch
    ■Main functional properties   This series adopts element of high power ant…
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    Web:www.www.ncszj.com E-mail:anklam@163.com E-mail:sales@www.ncszj.com