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    AN-TSC dynamic hurl-slices switch

    Main functional properties

      This series adopts element of high power anti parallel thyristor module, buffer circuit, trigger circuit, protection circuit and cooling device, which can be used for 690V on-off control with capacitive and inductive load, and without inrush current, without any voltage, and without any noise, it can be used to install and connect the SVC type dynamic reactive power compensation device, it is simple and convenient to be used in SVC type dynamic low voltage reactive power compensation device. AN-TSC3 series of three-phase independent control technology of switching switch is solved technical problem of three-phase unbalanced load compensation, which is the best choice for compensation device.The series of dynamic switching power switch through power industry reactive power compensation package for quality inspection of test center.

    Main technical parameters

    Rated voltage:110V、450V、690V

    Control capacitor:≤60Kvar、≤3×20Kvar

    Rated frequency:50Hz

    Ambient temperature:-25℃~+55℃

    Control voltage:DC12V

    Control current:20mA

    Input current:<1.8In

    Altitude height:≤2000m

    Function characteristic

    ·To adopt zero-crossing triggering technology of United States, control SCR voltage zero crossing, removal while the current is zero to ensure that the input capacitance without flow; ·Imported controlled silicon cast, reverse voltage 1600V, go through operation in 10 years to prove the quality and reliability;
    ·Service iife up to 10 hours or more, free maintenance, investment time t<20ms;
    ·The structure design is reasonable and easy to connection, installation and debugging is convenient, and it can be compensated for three phase and sub item;
    ·Can be connected to the angle of the capacitor to achieve three-phase two control, but also can be connected to the angle of the capacitor to achieve three-phase three control;
    ·To adopt the effective protection circuit and increase anti harmonic ability of the adjuster;
    ·The temperature control technology is used to ensure that the controllable silicon is working in the specified temperature range. When there is component failure or certain reason causes the switch temperature to exceed the time limit; switch will automatically exit, and effective protection of switch is not damaged;
    ·Full use of integrated circuit, minimize number of discrete components, to make the volume of hurl-slices switch as much as possible reasonable and reduce, it can reduce the cost of whole cabinet;
    ·Anti-interference circuit design, to improve anti-jamming ability of hurl-slices switch, effectively prevent the false triggering of thyristor breakdown.

    Model parameter list

    Standard model selection list for reactive power compensation regulator
    Three phase compensation
    Single phase split
    Control capacitance
    Control capacitance
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